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Chett's seminars are a MUST for any athlete or health practitioner. My clients immediately benefited from what I learnt at the NeuroNutrition seminar.


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About Brain Ignition

Meet the founder and head coach of Brain Ignition

Chett is a former college hockey player, and holds a Masters in Neuroscience from Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. He has also successfully completed courses and seminars with some of the top names in the industry.

Drawing on these unique experiences, he created NeuroNutrition; programs backed by science that are strategically designed to maximize your INDIVIDUAL progress. If you want to reach the next level of health and performance, click here to find out how Brain Ignition can help you.

Why Brain Ignition?

 Read What Top Athletes And Former Clients Say About Brain Ignition:

Jake Middleton

“At this high level of the game there's not much separation in skill level between most players. That means being able to operate at peak mental and physical performance on a consistent basis is even more important. I came to Chett looking to improve my recovery and brain function throughout training and particularly during the season. He provided me with an abundance of tools for me to use throughout the season to improve in these areas. He's my go to when I'm looking to crank up my overall performance.”
Former captain of the OHL Ottawa 67’s, Current AHL/NHL player with the San Jose Sharks

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