4 Easy Nutrition Changes to Immediately Feel Healthier

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Here are 4 simple changes to make to your nutrition regime that you will benefit from right away.

1.Eat from a box as little as possible

Do you regularly eat 3 meals/snacks out of a box per day? Drop this down to 2, and then progress to 1, then none. I guarantee you will notice an improvement to energy, mental focus, and body composition within 2 weeks. I’ll cut your lawn for 1 month if not.

Boxed foods are loaded with sugar, preservatives/artificial foods, and vegetable oils. If you want to learn more about the problems of vegetable oil check this out 5 Reasons Vegetable Oil is the Silent Brain Killer

The sugar and artificial foods contribute to insulin resistance; insulin sensitivity is your ability to store food as energy instead of fat. If you are just a little insulin resistant you are more likely to store fat, but you will also experience worse cravings and energy dumps. All of these ingredients found in a box also disrupt our gut health. Quite simply, if you don’t take care of your gut then you will not feel optimal.


2. Time Restrict Your Eating

Why is shift work now classified as a carcinogen by the world health organization? Because shift workers can’t time restrict their eating.

But it’s not just risk for cancer; it’s everything, cardiovascular, metabolic issues, and brain illness later in life.

Our body and brain is entrained by a “biological clock” otherwise known as the circadian rythmn. This clock/circadian rythmn resides in our Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN) located in primal regions of our brain.

This clock is controlled by sunlight, and controls the production of DNA and hormones throughout our body and brain that are important for metabolism, sleep, when we feel energized, digestion, sexual function, and all basic survival mechanisms.

That’s why going against our rythmn causes a whole whack of health problems.

One example of disrupting this clock is eating when we are supposed to be sleeping (ie. night shift workers).

Therefore, if you are NOT a shift worker then restrict your eating to an 8-12 hour window. 12 hours would be a beginner step, 8 hours would be more advanced.

This is how it would look:


Eat your first meal at 8 AM. Eat throughout the day. Eat your last meal by 8PM.


Eat your first meal at 9 AM. Eat throughout the day. Eat your last meal by 5PM.

Human studies show that time restricted feeding (TRF) lowers concentrations of triglycerides, glucose, and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and increases concentrations of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. TRF also increases cell autophagy (the cleanup of dead/dying and cancerous cells), and interestingly may increase protein synthesis (muscle growth).[1],[2]

Shift workers hang tight, I’m working on a guide that will show you how to mitigate the health risks of night shift work.


3. Eat more vegetables than fruit

Many fruits are high in sugar so most people should stay around 2-3 servings of fruit per day.

I see some people throw 6-7 servings in a morning smoothie and then wonder why they can’t lose fat. The average piece of fruit has roughly 12g of sugar, meaning 7 servings in the morning smoothie give you 84g of sugar.

That’s about the same as two and half mars bars.

Vegetables on the other hand are jammed with nutrients and don’t have the high amounts of sugar. They’re also filled with fibre which will feed all the beneficial bacteria in your gut and keep you feeling full for longer.


4. Keep Insulin Low in the morning

This is another reason why throwing 6-7 pieces of fruit in a blender is not a healthy breakfast, just like most “breakfast foods” these days are pure junk; (most) cereal, pop tarts, toast and jam, even fruit salad, and processed yogurts.

If everyone consumed an insulin suppressing meal for their first meal of the day chronic disease would go WAY down, and we’d all feel much better throughout the day.

Spiking insulin first thing in the morning gives you a quick boost in energy and then leads to a crash and sleepiness only a few hours later. Headaches, nagging hunger pains, and the feeling that you can’t function unless you eat pronto are all side effects of this early morning insulin spike.

As an alternative, prioritize these foods at breakfast:

-Eggs fried in coconut oil

-Pastured meat (yes including bacon)


-Raw nuts and vegetables.

The goal is low carb but high fat and protein to keep you satiated and fueled throughout the morning.








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