3 Rules to Abide By For Choosing Post Workout Carbs

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One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to lose a big chunk of weight is thinking they need carbohydrates post workout.

1. Limit Post Workout Carbohydrates If You’re Above This BF%

Can weight loss be achieved with eating post workout carbohydrates?


But it’s going to be a lot more difficult. Here are a few reasons why:

-If you’re filling up on post workout carbohydrates then you’ll be forced to limit calories for the remainder of the day. On the other hand if you withhold post workout carbs (for some of the reasons I’m about to reveal) then you can add these calories in later when you’re hungry.

-People with higher body fat percentages (roughly >20%for men and >30% for women) almost surely have some insulin sensitivity issues. We KNOW insulin sensitivity is indicator of neurological health and metabolic heath in general. You want your cells to answer promptly everytime insulin comes a knockin’ trying to drop of some sugar…..so what’s the best way to retrain this system? Withhold those carbohydrates and force your body and burn to revert to fat oxidation. Remember, this does not lead to automatic fat loss either, but this ‘metabolic flexibility’ (able to burn fat and carbs) is desirable for optimal health and performance.

2. What if You’re Training 2x Per Day?

If you’re training two times per day as an athlete then post workout carbohydrates are essential (the “train low” strategy is an exception but should be used sparingly). I like a combination of fructose plus glucose because they use different transport systems out of the intestines (SGLT1 vs. GLUT5) leading to FASTER replenishment of energy. Try sweet potato with raw honey and sea salt.

3. Nutrient Quality Matters

Too often I see high-level athletes refuelling with junk food. Sure, this is fine in a pinch but if you’re trying to get one percent better than you’re missing out on an opportunity to do so.

Is the pop tart high in nitric oxide to improve blood flow and delivery of nutrients to your strained muscles?

Is a chocolate bar high in digestive enzymes like pepsin that break down proteins for better digestion and assimilation?

What about magnesium and other electrolytes? I think not.

You just worked your ass off so reap ALL the benefits by adding foods like beets/beet root, pineapple, or even some spinach; all of which deliver some of the nutrients and benefits I mentioned.

Let me know in the comments what YOUR favourite post workout combo is!


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