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  • Mentorship and EDUCATION on macros, specific foods, nutrient timing, supplements, biohacks and more
  • You want more energy, improvements to body composition, sleep, recovery, brain function, and overall health
  • You want personalized access to nutrition coaching that is backed by science
  • You are a competitive athlete or just wanting to optimize your overall health & performance
  • You want services customized to YOUR physiology, and want to escape generic nutrition plans


  • Individual NeuroNutrition Plans
  • Individual NeuroNutrition Packages with Personalized Coaching
  • Individual and Team Consultations
  • Team and Group NeuroNutrition Packages
  • NeuroNutrition Seminars

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Brain Ignition Consulting
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Viv Fortin
Viv Fortin
I had the pleasure of having a seminar with Chett last weekend. Chett’s knowledge and application of neuroscience and nutrition is awesome. He is a clear speaker and happy to answer questions. I would highly recommend his seminars as I have already applied information to patients with good results!read more
Giselle Marasco-Furano
Giselle Marasco-Furano
I had the opportunity to attend a Seminar this past week end, and Chett is extremely knowledgable, his presentation was great, alot of great informationread more
Franco Vincelli
Franco Vincelli
I had the opportunity to attend one of Chett's seminar's this past weekend. Chett is extremely knowledgeable and his presentation was incredibly valuable to my practice.read more
B Tyler Brown
B Tyler Brown
I worked w Chett for about 6 months and he got my nutrition dialed in. There were challenges along the way, but his supportive coaching and step by step approach to habit forming were very helpful. He guide me to a lower body fat percentage, I lost over 10lbs of fat without losing any muscle, and my wasteline is down a few inches. Beyond that I am also sleeping better, moving better, and feeling better overall. You will not regret working with him!read more
Jesse RM Smith
Jesse RM Smith
Chett is an extremely smart individual with an amazing insight on all around mental and physical health! You will not go wrong with following Brain Ignition to get help on your personal journey in which ever way you need it.read more