Get the perks of VIP consulting, with the support system of like minded individuals.

This is for those who want to optimize their health, but do not want to commit to the full VIP program or the price. The group service is also for this who perform at their best in a group setting with support from others.

Here’s how it works:

Complete the neurontrition physiological assessment prior to commencing.

This will ensure you are placed in a group with similar goals and needs!

Receive mentorship on calculating and using macronutrients

Get a science validated supplement program

Commit to your meal plan

Get access to Neuronutrition lifestyle packages

to help you optimize things like sleep, recovery from training, hypertrophy, mental clarity, body composition and more.

Biweekly Q&A; answers to all of your questions along the way

SUPPORT SYSTEM from the group to keep you on track when challenges arise

Check out these neuronutrition success stories:

  • Mandi Layton
    I trust Chett with my health, which is not something I take lightly. Of course he's got the education to back him. No B.S. meal plans or gimmicks, eating real food to fuel your vessel. Along with his knowledge, you get a down-to-earth friendly guy. I would send all of my clients to him, and recommend his NeuroNutrition seminars to any health practitioners. Thanks for what you do Chett. Keep spreading the knowledge
    Mandi Layton
    Advanced Fitness Instructor, Owner of Salus Studio
  • Karl Robb
    I am absolutely thrilled with the tools and knowledge you have provided me with. You allowed me to create a much healthier connection to food; to understand I didn’t have to fear food, that food is actually fuel to propel you towards your goals. I appreciated your style in coaching, as you always provided the how and why, not just the “do it because I say approach.”  You took the time to individually design what worked for me, and you would always listen and tweak elements as required.
    Karl Robb
    Firefighter, Tag Hockey
  • I was having difficulty hanging onto weight and noticed a drop in my energy and performance partway through the season. The NCAA schedule can be a challenging one, with school commitments piled on top of daily hockey training and excessive travel. But I was consuming what as a hockey player I was thought to be a healthy and adequate diet. CHett acknowledged a few gaps in my nutrition and recovery program that I did not expect. They were simple, yet proved to be extremely effective, and within a few short weeks, I clearly noticed overall improvements. I would recommend him for high-level athletes seeking guidance to get to that next level.
    Brad McClure
    Current player for the AHL Texas Stars, former NCAA hockey player and team captain at Minnesota State University, former captain and leading scorer of the BCHL Penticton Vees
  • Chett was a huge asset to our hockey program this past year, helping the players with grocery lists, game day nutrition, playoff protocols, road trip protocols, supplementation, and countless other nutritional details. This made a huge difference to performance for the players both on the ice and in the classroom.  We are privileged to have him guide our players nutritional needs!
    Justin Stevens
    Associate Head Coach of the Guelph Gryphons Mens Hockey Team
  • Diane
    As an on call health care provider with a poor sleep schedule, I have invested much into learning how to prevent the wear and tear this has on my body. Chett provided me ample tools to improve my health and wellbeing under these tough circumstances; with specific foods, supplements, and fitness. I have recommended him to friends and colleagues and I will happily continue to do so.”
  • Karl Robb
    As a fire fighter, you experience bad days inside and outside your body. Through nutrition and training sessions in the gym, I have learnt how to handle stress better, be more prepared for work, and although this is low in priority for me, look better in the mirror. After working with Chett, I can now easily make healthy choices for my body and brain.
    Karl Robb
    Firefighter, Tag Hockey
  • Working with Chett was the step I needed to take in order to allow my body to finally start working the way was meant to. His passion for what he does is so evident in all the information provided along the way. Chett is a man of science and is dedicated to his client's progress. If you want to improve your nutrition and supplementation, and actually learn about WHY you are making changes, Chett is a must.
    Lacey Truelove
    Former Driver for Canadian National Diving, CUrrent competitive crossfit athlete, member of the team Canada Functional Fitness
  • At this high level of the game, there's not much separation in skill level between most players. That means being able to operate at peak mental physical performance on a consistent basis is even more important. I came to Chett looking to improve my recovery and brain function throughout training and particularly during the season. He provided me with an abundance of tools for me to use throughout the season to improve in these areas. He's my go-to when I'm looking to crank up my overall performance. Former captain of the OHL Ottawa 67's, Current AHL/NHL player with the San Jose Sharks.
    Jake Middleton
  • Matt Uren
    My energy levels, body composition, strength and endurance have ALL seen benefits since I started working with Chett. I can with 100% confidence that I’ve never felt as great as I do now, since consistently sticking to Chett’s neuronutrition program.
    Matt Uren
    Competitive Crossfit Athlete, Former CFL Player

Please note Chett can only accept a limited number of clients for this exclusive coaching package – apply now or risk missing out on this opportunity!