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May 25th @ 12:30-2:30pm, Greco Upper Hunt Club, 1650 Queensdale Ave #1, Gloucester, ON

This exclusive event will provide you with the science to take advantage of today’s biggest health & nutrition trends. Take advantage of this one-time offer, limited spots are available!

This event is complimentary, but we will be accepting donations for the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).


Product Description

This exclusive event will provide you with leading science on the following trends:

Module 1: Intermittent Fasting and Time Restricted Feeding

Variations of fasting stimulate mechanisms throughout the body & brain that strengthen the human at a cellular level.

-Making it work with different training and nutrition plans, men vs. women, best practices for ramping up detoxification, cellular energy, brain power and more

Module 2: Sleep, Stress, and Neurotransmitters

If you are not optimizing sleep and stress responses then peak potential cannot be reached.

-How to perfect your stress response, optimizing your sleep quality for body composition and performance, tools for detecting neurotransmitter deficiencies and how to address them, and much more

Module 3: Gut Health

Become apart of the extremely limited group of health practitioners who are up to date on this emerging physiological phenomenon. 

-Improving nutrient digestion & assimilation for better health and stronger bodies, the affects of CBD on whole body systems, the gut-brain axis, intestinal permeability, inflammation, and much more

Module 4: Healthy Fats and Ketogenic Diets

We will discuss the importance of healthy fats, and why ketogenic diets have such great potential.

-Incorporating into concussion rehabilitation programs, the potential of ketones bodies to preserve lean muscle mass, omega-3, metabolic flexibility, and other cellular mechanisms to enhance performance


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